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Void Deck / Link Building / Amphitheatre

Types of UsageCharges
(Subject to 8% GST)
Social Functions
Hari Raya Get-Together
$20/per day (void deck)
$10/per day (water/electricity)
$100 (Transferred to
identified Service
and Conservancy
To sign letter of undertaking

All bookings of common facilities are available 180 days in advance.
• Copy of marriage certificate/
• Confirmation from ROMM
• Sighting of birth certificate/ NRIC required.
• Residents to be above 21 yrs old
All religious functions
Funeral Rites (death anniversary)
$50/per day (void deck)
$10/per day (water / electricity)
NilMP support letter required for religious functions
(except death anniversary)
Hari Raya Prayers
Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday
Religious Talk (e.g. Ishak Mikraj)
$20/- for max 3hrs (void deck)
$10/- per day (water / electricity)
(If exceeds more than 3hrs, charge
for void deck will be $50.)
NilMUIS and MP support letter required
Terawih (during Muslim fasting Month)$50/per month (void deck)
$10/per day (water/electricity)
(Additional $50/charged if exceeds
one month)
NilMUIS and MP support letter required
FuneralF.O.C.NilCopy of death certificate
Kenduri (3 Hours)$10/per day with water/electricity
FOC – without water/electricity
Kenduri (Whole day)$50/- per day (void deck)
$10/- per day (water/electricity

Open Space / Multi-Purpose Court

Types of UsageCharges
(Subject to 8% GST)
7th Month Prayers
Puppet Shows
Religious Rites
$70/for 1st Day
$50/for subsequent days
$200 (refundable)MP Support Letter Required
Variety Shows
$120/for 1st Day
$100/for subsequent Days
$1,000 (refundable)MP Support Letter Required
BBQ Corner$10/per cornerNilResidents of ward – above 18yrs old
For Non-NRIC Holders, sighting of lessee’s
IC with authorisation letter and tenancy agreement.