Public Consultation – Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) for Blocks 127 to 139 Yishun Street 11 / Ring Road

The Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) focuses on block and precinct improvements, and is fully funded by the Government and implemented by the Town Councils. 

Come join us at the upcoming Online Engagement on Sat, 22 Jan 2022 at 11am via Zoom webinar (link below)!

You will hear from Minister K. Shanmugam and the NRP Working Committee on how your neighbourhood can be refreshed and rejuvenated with the proposed plans.

Online Engagement Registration

You can also find out about the proposed plans via the online booklet (link below) or exhibitions displayed around your estate. 

Online Booklet

NRP will only proceed to the next stage if at least 50% of eligible HDB flat owners from Blocks 127 to 139 Yishun Street 11 / Ring Road show support during the Public Consultation. 

We strongly encourage eligible flat owners to fill up the online voting form (link below) to show their support. Successful voters will receive a special souvenir via their letterbox/doorstep. 

Online Voting Form