#FacesofNeeSoon – National Day Edition

Mdm Cheow Tee is Nee Soon Town Council part-time cleaner at Nee Soon East. She has been with our Town Council for 17 years and is a familiar face to many residents. A lively person who always carries a smile, Mdm Cheow Tee is well-liked among the residents.

After she retired from her previous job at a factory, Mdm Cheow Tee’s initial plan was to rest at home. After her late husband passed away, she was often home alone during the day when her children were out at work. Used to working and being active, she soon became bored with her retirement life and started to look out for something meaningful to spend her time on.

She joined the Town Council as a part-time cleaner to keep both her mind and body, energetic and fit. Being a part-time cleaner also gives her the flexibility to earn an income as well as have time for herself.
In her last 17 years with Nee Soon Town Council, Mdm Cheow Tee witnessed the transition and improvements of the neighbourhood throughout the years.

She shares that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, she found an increase in masks being littered in the neighbourhood. She emphasises that this is an irresponsible and unhygienic act. It dirties the area, inconveniences neighbours, and creates additional work for the cleaners. She had to increase her sweeping and checking frequency due to this. She seeks everyone’s cooperation to dispose of waste into the rubbish bins provided in order to make the estate a better environment for everyone.

Mdm Cheow Tee had recently undergone her cataract surgery in July. The Town Council wishes her a speedy recovery and looks forward to her continued contribution to Nee Soon Town.
Say Hi to Mdm Cheow Tee when you see her around in the neighbourhood and help her out by keeping the vicinity litter-free!