#FacesofNeeSoon – National Day Edition

Kamat Bin Taib is a friendly Nee Soon Town Council part-time cleaner working in Nee Soon Central. He has been with the Town Council for about 5 years. Starting out as a cleaner, he was promoted to supervisor. His role then changed to a part-time cleaner who is in charge of sweeping at void decks. 

Kamat shared that he currently lives alone. All four of his children are married and have moved out to start their own families. He came across the role of a Town Council cleaner via a conservancy company. With further information and understanding about the job, he decided to take it on. The job allows him to exercise his mind and body, past time, as well as get extra allowance to spend on his favourite activities. Being a part-time cleaner, it provided him more time to engage in his favourite activities.   

One of his favourite pastimes is catching up on Malay shows on TV. He also enjoys fishing with his friends at the nearby Seletar Reservoir during the weekends. He found it to be a great way to relax his mind and body. 

On challenges in his line of work, he pointed out that the frequency of high-rise littering has increased ever since more people have been working from home due to COVID-19. The litter includes egg shells, paper, and coffee etc. He thinks that keeping our environment clean is a mark of social graciousness and civic consciousness. Thus, he truly hopes that all residents can refrain from high-rise littering and keep the neighbourhood clean. 

Say Hi to Kamat when you see him around in the neighbourhood and help him out by keeping the vicinity litter-free!