My Nee Soon – Modern, Sustainable, Caring Home With A Heart

NSTC celebrated the lifting of Safe Management Measures by organising more large-scale community events to re-connect with our residents as promised.

In February and March 2023, NSTC successfully showcased the transformation of Nee Soon through aesthetically pleasing gigantic roving exhibits at the five ‘My Nee Soon’ carnivals across Nee Soon GRC.

NSTC gained a total of 1,116 followers across all social media platforms through the events!

The launch of ‘My Nee Soon’ exhibitions was held at Chong Pang Amphitheatre, officiated by MP for Chong Pang, Minister K. Shanmugam, Chairman of NSTC, Mr Derrick Goh, and Vice-Chairperson of NSTC, Ms Carrie Tan.

The event was broadcasted and featured on CNA Digital TV, Channel 5 News, Channel 8 News, 8 World, Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Zaobao.

NSTC staff were delighted to see our residents enjoying the food, shows, gifts and games that we have put together while they viewed the exhibits showcasing the completed and upcoming improvements and initiatives in Nee Soon Town, as well as the support schemes by the Government for youths, families and elderlies.
Our adviser, Minister K. Shanmugam, also added that “Transforming Nee Soon is not just about the new developments in our town, but also about improving the everyday lives of our residents. We have come together as a community to help those who need help, to cope with inflation. Meanwhile, the work of upgrading the town continues. We are confident that with everyone’s dedication and the work of NSTC, volunteers and grassroots leaders, Nee Soon will continue to be a great place for all to live, work, and play in.”

NSTC has and will provide more fun learning and support for our residents through events like ‘My Nee Soon’.

My Nee Soon is a Nee Soon for all. And our Nee Soon has transformed.